About us

Time of Establishment: June.9. 2000
Purpose of Establishment: "3D Animation,3D interative and digital efects " the digital contents' production is perhaps one of the most fascinating application of technology today. It can give life to anything from dinosaur, toy, to aliens. Film directors and visual artists rigorously participate in the revolution of digital effect. With the help of these advance technologies and boundless imaginations, great entertainment has been brought in front of the audience.
People have come to realize computer's ability to realize their dreams, which were probably impossible once upon a time. With this newly found stage, the balance between learning "3D animation" and using various software to create 3D animation contents for digital content industry, become very important. Proper training and room for creativity are 2 basic elements to cultivate good animator and high standard project. Here are 3 major goals of Digital Frontier Motion Pictures Corporation (dftc):

1. Nurturing of excellent 3D animator:
To provide the necessary training of a good 3D animator, dftc sought and became Canada Alias | Wavefront's Authorized Corporate Training Provider in Taiwan. In the modern society, more and more emphasis is placed on higher education. With certified teachers to train and certified the students, is not just a uniqueness of dftc, it is definitely the trend for the future. Furthermore, dftc also design a series of advance courses for people who are seriously considering 3D animation their profession.

2. Integration of Talents:
Taiwan has always been a major provider of hardware to the world. However, Taiwan has never been able to be recognized for its artistic achievements. Essentially, Taiwan lacked a central force to gather talented artists to work together and the financial resources to support those artist's ideals. At dftc, we intend to start from the ground up. Through our training program, we hope to find promising talents. Not only that, we will try to integrate talents from relevant fields, and be selective with the projects to work on. We strive to bring Taiwan's 3D animation to another level of excellence and be recognized for our true ability by the world.

3. Expansion of 3D Animation, 3D Interactive and Digital Effects Applications:
Today, the mainstream application of 3D animation is still for animated pictures. However, as the uses of Internet become popularized, it will surely bring new opportunity for 3D animation. Dftc hopes to bring 3D animation to many different fields and expand the room of artistic expression for the animators.
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